Smart and Swift Methods to Safeguard Your License from DWI Attorneys Houston

The intensity of after effects from drinking and driving can be realized only when the law enforcement authorities knock on your car window. You really don’t know what is going to happen next, especially if you have downed more than a few pegs while driving. Take a look at your driving license and search for any previous offenses which are on record. If you find none, you can consider yourself a little lucky as first time offenses (provided they didn’t result in any broken limbs, shattered property or death of anyone out on the streets) don’t end you up with serious criminal cases. But still you might face the probability of having your license suspended or cancelled, fine imposed and the threat of being sent off to community service or short term sentence. This is probably the most appropriate time to call your DUI Lawyer. But you need to wait for a while.

Consent to Test for Drinking and Driving

  • When an officer stops you on your fast tracks and asks you to take a breath test for checking alcohol level, you need to consent. Your refusal can result in immediate license cancellation or long term suspension. When this happens none of the DWI Attorneys Houston will be able to help you legally.
  • If the breath test proves positive, you may be asked to go for further laboratory tests which may include urine and blood tests. You need to comply with these requirements also. You don’t need to say anything to the officer and keep your silence. This is because if you speak something irrelevant or offensive at this stage, it can be used against you in the court of law.

Time to Call the DUI Lawyer

  • Once you are booked and the charge sheet is given to you, you can call your DUI Lawyer and speak to him about your case. Do remember to submit all your original documents and related papers to him. You can speak openly with him about what happened that night. He will be able to provide you maximum assistance only when he knows the detailed events and the whole truth.
  • He may ask you many questions related to your previous DUI history, your drinking habits, chances encounters with narcotic drugs, sedatives and other prescription drugs. Don’t hesitate to accept the truth as it is. This will enable him to prepare the case in your favour.
  • In some cases some of the DWI Attorneys Houston may ask you to plead guilty so that your penalties and fines may get reduced. Before taking such a step you should be aware of the consequences clearly. For this you may need to consult more than one attorney to get a clear and practical view. Search for the most influential attorney if money is not a concern for you. Otherwise you can search for attorneys who can help organizing fanatical loans for you. It is suggested that you avoid bargaining too much on attorney fees since DWI Attorneys Houston are known to charge moderate fees from clients.